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Fashion For Awareness is a nonprofit organization that uses fashion and beautification as a way to convey information to people about certain topics in hopes of creating a better understanding.  Fashion For Awareness is using an innovative approach which it will use fashion as an instrument to educate and transform lives. 
Mission Statement: Fashion For Awareness is a non-profit organization that utilizes fashion to enlighten and empower people to promote change through a sense of understanding.  
Vision Statement: Fashion For Awareness will utilize the language of fashion through styling, incorporating trends, colors, and designs to serve as an instrument to convey causes while appealing to others. 

    1.  ESTEEM - create a sense of self-respect
    2. EFFICACY –to further bolster belief in the ability to achieve the desired outcome
    3. AWARENESS – consciousness about issues and collaborating to make a difference
    4. FASHION- a distinctive trend in the style in which people present themselves and appeal to others
    5. WELFARE - a social effort designed to promote the physical and material well-being of those in need
    6. CHARITY- an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need of prom attire and accessories
    7. ENLIGHTENMENT- give greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.  
    8. EMPOWERMENT- assist individuals to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their quality of life. 
    9. COMMUNITY INITIATIVE -using a collaborative approach with businesses, community leaders, schools, and other professionals to create accessibility to resources and services. 


Fashion For Awareness started in 2015 with a group of mental health social workers offering resources to high school seniors that didn’t have the financial means to attend their prom. Fashion For Awareness collaborated with businesses including boutiques, beauty professionals, and local schools for attending their senior prom a reality for those discouraged due to limited financial resources. Fashion For Awareness wanted to promote self-esteem and self-efficacy in teenagers that were approaching adulthood and assistance with prom made that goal achievable. Over the years, Fashion For Awareness witnessed how fashion empowered all the students who were helped and decided to broaden the organization's mission. In 2018, Fashion For Awareness became a government recognized non-profit using fashion as a tool to empower and enlighten others from all walks of life.


Fashion For Awareness will cover its operational cost though a boutique that will offer trendy clothing and styling suggestions. 

Fashion For Awareness will use community initiatives combined with other organizations to highlight targeted subjects through vlogs, blogs, fashion shows and other innovative approaches utilizing fashion. 

Fashion For Awareness will educate the masses on the needs of others and offer resources to help. 
Fashion for Awareness will utilize an eco-friendly and cost effective approach to assist with fashion needs of those we service. 


"Fashion For Awareness serves as a visible resource to those who desire an improved level of understanding using the language of fashion."